The Work We Do

The Work We Do

Wokingham in Need works tirelessly to support the local community and make Wokingham a great place to live for all its residents, our major aim is to support those who are homeless and vulnerable

Over the years, Wokingham in Need has launched a number of incentives and projects that have helped significantly increase the standard of living for the homeless and vulnerable in Wokingham.

Our Successful Projects

Below are some of the projects Wokingham in Need has launched to benefit the local community.

A Wet Room at The Salvation Army, Wokingham

The realisation of Wokingham in Need was back in 2015, when Founder Sue Jackson and other members of the Wokingham community came together to help fund and build a brand new wet room at The Salvation Army. This was when Sue’s eyes were opened to the plight of the homeless and the needy and thus, Wokingham in Need was born.

The Salvation Army’s premise in Sturges Road was in desperate need of updating and refurbishment. So a team brought together by Wokingham Lions Fund Raising Chairman Sue Jackson, which consisted of local tradesmen and volunteers, stepped up to help build a shower and wet room.

A New Kitchen, Cooker and Breakfast Bar at The Salvation Army, Wokingham

After working with The Salvation Army previously, Wokingham in Need recognised the importance of their facility in improving the livelihood of the homeless in Wokingham. This is why WIN’s next project was to upgrade the centre’s Kitchen, Cooker and to build a breakfast bar, which made such a difference to those who used it.

WIN raised funds and arrange the help of local businesses including BSW Building Services Limited, who provided manpower and equipment for the refurbished kitchen at much discounted cost, in order to provide these essential services and facilities for the homeless in Wokingham.

Homeless and Vulnerable Drop in Centre

The Drop in Centre, created by Wokingham in Need is available for the Homeless and Vulnerable in Wokingham is on the site of the premises of the Salvation Army Citadel, Sturges Road in Wokingham. . It is sited on land at the side of the Salvation Army Citadel on Sturges Road, Wokingham. After obtaining planning permission work Wokingham In Need raised funds to build the centre.

The Salvation Army and a team of volunteers will develop their existing resources and provide new workshops and individual support to help the homeless and vulnerable in our society. WIN will work with the Salvation Army in relation to assisting with requirements and needs for the Drop In Centre. WIN has also donated a large storage unit, located next to the Drop in Centre, which will provide supplies to those in need and provides a podiatry service.

Wokingham In Need Sensory Garden

We have recently designed, funded and developed  the Wokingham In Need Sensory Garden at the Acorn Centre which is for adults with learning disabilities.  £34K has been raised to make a wonderful peaceful haven for the clients and the community to enjoy. The opening ceremony took place on 30th July 2021 and Wokingham in Need wish to work with Wokingham Borough Council, Optalis and Growing Places to make this area into a real community site. 

On Friday 22nd June 2022, our Sensory Garden was a hive of activity to celebrate both the Queen’s Jubilee and pay thanks to those that contributed to creating a Sensory Garden. Thanks to a grant from Arts Council England we were able to organise an event for the elderly in our community to celebrate the Jubilee. Watch the video below for an overview of the event – you can read more at

Children’s Mental Health Workshops

We are also involved in working in partnership with Circus Scene to support children of primary school age with their mental health during and post the covid-19 pandemic. Today’s children are dealing with all types of worries and uncertainties. Anxiety in children is now at an all time high. We know that mindfulness helps deal with stress but it is difficult for many children to learn how or have any way of accessing it, especially if they are isolated or vulnerable.

This is an ongoing project and we have delivered over 14 workshops so far which have all proven to be successful.  Our partnership with Circus Scene is fantastic, providing a workshop that assists primary school children with their worries and uncertainties which so easily develop into anxiety and depression.  Should you know of a school that is interested please contact us.  We finance the workshops so there is no cost to the school.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Workshops

Drug and Alcohol Misuse workshops are also part of our remit and we have joined together with DrugFAM to provide workshops for local secondary schools to protect young people from going down this route. This video gives an example of one of the productions.

Workshops so far have proved to be very successful but we need additional funding. Wokingham In Need finance all of the workshops.

Covid-19 Project with Royal Berkshire Hospital

At the beginning of the pandemic we were approached to see if we could assist in altering 2500 theatre gowns that were not fit for purpose due to covid regulation.  Sue went out to the community by radio and social media and we formed a team of lady sewers called The Creative Nightingales. Sewing equipment was provided by WIN and the gowns delivered and collected from the Creative Nightingales and returned to the RBH.  This was so rewarding and the hospital put us forward for a Helpforce Award in relation to this.

We were then asked to undertake a further project that is ongoing and this is to supply beautiful handmade comfort bags, and eye masks.  The bags are filled with loving gifts inc: hand cream, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, tissues and more. The initial target was 5000 and we have so far completed more than 3500 but this is ongoing – we will continue to support.  Indeed, we now also support Wokingham Hospital and Care Homes and have won a further award, the Hallmark Care Home Award. Well done Creative Nightingales you are a wonderful group of ladies.

Our Future Plans

Wokingham in Need are excited about the future and cannot wait to continue providing support and assistance to those members of the Wokingham community who are suffering from homelessness or vulnerability. However, we do need your help to move forwards, please find out how you can support Wokingham in Need by clicking here.

Some of the projects we have on the horizon are:

Workshops and Play to Help Prevent Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Wokingham in Need is funding DrugFam in relation to hosting workshops for local secondary schools in order to raise awareness of the problems related to drug and alcohol misuse and how it affects not only the person using these substances but also their families. Wokingham in Need has already successfully carried out workshops in local schools for other worthy causes and need your help to deliver this essential message to local schools

Brand New Refurbished kitchen for The Salvation Army and upgrade of Shower Room and Breakfast Bar

Since 2015 many meals have been served at the centre and so we were approached as the kitchen needed tender loving care.  So we have completely ripped out the old kitchen and are in the process of building a completely new kitchen.  

At the same time we are updating the shower room and the breakfast bar.  So watch this space. If you wish to donate towards this project please contact us.

Support to Care Homes

Bringing local care homes together with young people and arranging fun events. The Sensory Garden would be a perfect place to do this.

Supporting the Vulnerable in our Community

This is being done directly or via association with other charitable groups in Wokingham.